Development History


Reconstruction and expansion of old factory, Improved a lot on the tools production capacity and production standard

Developed safety auto lock smallest series measuring tape , It is easy to use and carry .


Developed eight cavity injection molding machine , improved the production capacity of screwdrivers and the stability of product quality.

Developed 27mm wider blade with high standout .


Developed black blade which make the measuring tape with better water-proof

Developed black and laser sharpen cutter blade , Which greatly improved the blade sharpness and antirust performance

Developed and patented assist series of black cutter knife , Tail knob lock structure greatly improved the knife locking force in the process of using and the safety performance in the process of carrying, which is highly approved by customers


Obtained MID I double side blade printing certificate , Assist measuring tape accuracy far exceeding the others , Became the first and only factory to obtain this certificate


Developed compact series measuring tape , Which is greatly welcomed by the customers, assist became the leader of compact measuring tape

Developed 0.16mm thicker blade tape and put it into mass production, which is called the most professional tape measure in the world by customers

Invited to participate in Japan Professional Tools Exhibition, Assist is the only Chinese factory invited


Developed and patented Assist high precision hook which greatly improved the moving accuracy of measuring tape hook

Developed Nylon wrap blade , Which greatly improved the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the blade

Developed and patented assist series of impact resistant bit , which greatly improved the shockproof performance and life time of the bit


In order to provide more cost-effective products to our customers, part of the product process realized automatic assembly , since then assist began to develop automatic equipment


The continuous punching processing of hardware spare parts is realized, it guaranteed the product stable quality , Assist is the only factory to use this technology in China


Obtained JIS I certificate , Assist started to do the business with Japan market with our own brand ,Today Assist became the well -known brand name in Japan


Assist expanded its R & D design center, and decided to invest 8% of the sales volume in new product and technological innovation to create a more professional brand advantage


The second new plant was built and put into use, The factory expanded the production capacity Start using ERP system,The factory is more standardized and large-scale ,Today Assist is the largest manufacture of tape measure


Obtained BSCI certificate , Assist started to do the business with big supermarket

Improved producing technology and the first factory to produce 0.14mm thicker blade


With the advantage of heat treatment technology Assist started to add new production line of the screwdriver ,bit, hex key etc . Assist is the first manufacture to produce the tools with Vaccum heat treatment way , It improved a lot on the tools hardness , torsion and and lifetime .


Improved producing technology and the first factory to produce 0.135mm thicker blade .


Obtained Europe MID certificate , Assist started to develop the business in European market The same year Assist attended the Germany Kolon fair, product was approved and liked by customers .


Developed Nylon coating blade , Improved the blade wear resistance Developed three cutting edge knife blade , Improved the blade sharpness


Started to add new production line of the cutter knife and blade ,Enlarged the product range . Improved heat –treatment technology and produced 0.125mm thicker blade


33100 square meters of new plant was built and put into use, Established Assist Research& Development center , The factory started the development of standardization, and energy saving,It's a milestone in the history of the company


Established Guangzhou office , Yiwu office . Opened the domestic market


First time to attend the Canton fair ,Assist began to go to the world ,We had our own customers from Spain , Turkey , Syria. The same year “Assist” brand was born , Assist means to be your good assistance


Company Established in Yuyao , Ningbo , Zhejiang


The former company is the case supplier of the government owned Ningbo measuring tape factory