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 Ningbo Assist tools co., ltd was founded in 1995it has nearly 30 years history, located in Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, close to the highway exit with convenient transportation.

Our main products are Steel measuring tape, Utility knife, Spare blade, Screwdriver, Screwdriver bits, Allen key, Wrench, Combination pliers , Long nose pliers, Diagonal cutting pliers , Wire strippers and various types of cutting tools etc hand tools ,      

     Our factory is currently one of the world's most specialized and large-scale high-tech measuring tools technology enterprises

     Assist products are mainly export to Europe, America, Japan market, Deeply favored by customers and users

     Our factory is the leading company to pass the European MID certification, MID Class I and MID Class II for double side blade printing tape , BSCI, JIS Class I certification for Japanese market, NOM standard for Mexico market etc.

Our factory invests a large amount of funds and energy in technology innovation, process innovation and product innovation every year, and has obtained a number of world invention patents, maintaining the leading position in the industry.

     Our factory take the lead to produce the tape measure with original blade thickness 0.16mm and 0.14mm, its lifetime, safety and reliability have been greatly improved. And we also develop the smallest steel measuring tape creatively and revolutionary, leading the new trend of measuring tape.

Our company can produce the cutter knife blades with laser sharpen edge , edge hardness increased by 2 degrees, it makes the blade more durable, with longer life time.

     Our company is the manufacture to produce the screwdriver and screwdriver bits with Vacuum heat-treatment machine and technology , the concentricity and durability are extremely high, the mechanical property is 6.5 times better than the normal heat-treatment.

     All kinds of pliers and tools produced by our factory, set small, lightweight, multifunctional in one, citing advanced technology from Japan and Germany, pure CNC machine tool processing, high precision, super durable.

Our company sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers strategic cooperation! We always in line with the business philosophy of customer-centric, quality-life, and innovation-driven, dedicated to providing global end users with our professional products and best service.

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